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Professional Liability

What is Professional Liability Law?

Professional liability law governs legal proceedings brought by individuals who have suffered as a result of the negligent actions of a professional.

Types of Professional Liability Claims

A negligence claim can be brought against any type of professional whose careless actions have harmed the plaintiff. But due to the difficulty and expense of pursuing a civil lawsuit, most claims are based on significant financial losses or physical harm to the plaintiff. Thus, defendants usually include surgeons and other medical providers, attorneys, engineers, architects, CPAs, securities brokers and other financial advisors, real estate agents, tax professionals. Members of these professions can commit errors and omissions, the results of which may be irreversible.

Duty to Exercise Reasonable Care

The law takes into account the fact that no one is perfect. Mistakes happen, and not every momentary lapse of judgment or skill will give rise to liability for an otherwise competent professional. On the other hand, the law does not tolerate dismissive handling of critically important matters, and if an avoidable mistake is made, the professional will be required to pay for the resulting damages. The test is whether, in light of the surrounding circumstances, the conduct fell below the reasonable standard of care for service providers in that particular field.

Expert Evaluations, Consulting, and Testimony

Experts play an important role in professional liability cases. Proving fault can be a difficult task, primarily due to the complexity of the subject matter. Especially in cases involving medical mistakes, the plaintiff must be able to educate the jury on complicated practices and procedures.

To assist with this undertaking, an attorney working for the plaintiff in a professional liability case will hire expert(s) witnesses familiar with the defendant’s line of work.

Seeking Help from a Professional Liability Attorney

Falling victim to the negligence of a professional can leave you wondering who to trust. At a time like this, you need help from an attorney with a winning track record in the field of professional liability law. To learn if compensation is available for the harm you suffered, contact an attorney today. Our law firm has over 30 years of experience in trial law. We have recoveries in the millions for 2014.